Instagram: 15 signs you're addicted

With its emphasis on striking photos and host of celebrity fans, Instagram is one of the most beloved social media platforms out there (just ask Taylor Swift, who recently became the most popular user in the world with 50 million followers!)

But there’s also a downside. From accidentally liking photos on your ex’s feed to judging people based on their filters, we’ve rounded up the 15 signs that you might be addicted…

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I miss short hair

A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on

Queen of Instagram Kim Kardashian knows the power of a great selfie

  1. It’s the first thing you check in the morning, and the last thing you check at night.
  2. You judge people based on what filters they use.
  3. You get annoyed by people who use too many hashtags… but then use lots yourself anyway.
  4. You’ve been known to easily spend 15 minutes trying to choose the perfect filter. #thestruggleisreal
  5. There’s nothing more stressful than that nail-biting moment when you’re waiting for your photo to get its first ‘like’.
  6. We spotted @victoriassecret angel @stellamaxwell taking a #selfie with @bellahadid backstage at #Giles! #LFW

    A photo posted by HELLO! Fashion Monthly (@hellofashion_uk) on

    Picking a great filter can easily take 15 minutes

  7. You check the app at least every ten minutes throughout the day just in case you’ve gained more followers from your latest photo.
  8. You’ve even gone back and deleted a photo because it didn’t get enough ‘likes’ – you don’t want to put off potential followers!
  9. Eating a meal without photographing it for Instagram first is unheard of – and sometimes it takes so much time to get the perfect snap that your food ends up going cold.
  10. Whether it’s standing on your chair at a restaurant or lying down on the ground, you’ll go to any lengths for the ideal square crop shot. #DoItForTheGram
  11. You have accidentally liked a photo. On your ex’s feed. From over 30 weeks ago.
  12. Oh my freshest sweetest peaches and burrata. Thank heaven for @camerondiaz and @benjaminmadden

    A photo posted by Gwyneth Paltrow (@gwynethpaltrow) on

    Instagram addicts will know the struggle of having to photograph your food before eating it

  13. You stockpile images for days when you’re not doing anything – your followers don’t need to know that instead of being out at a glamorous brunch you’re actually sat in your pyjamas bingeing on Netflix shows.

  14. You get irrationally excited once your photo gets over 9 ‘likes’ and you enter the world of double digits.

  15. Before your photos even reach Instagram, they go through a series of different filtering apps.
  16. Your friends and family have been known to complain about the amount of selfies you’re taking.
  17. You plan your #WCW and #TBT posts with military precision.

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