Aerin Lauder on life as a beauty heiress and her new collection of rose-inspired scents

By Ally Dean

When it comes to beauty, Aerin Lauder – granddaughter of renowned business maven and celebrity esthetician Estée – was seemingly born to take over the industry. After working for her family’s empire for nearly 20 years, Aerin launched her eponymous label in 2012 as an extension of her own classic, elegant and understated tastes.

Here, Aerin tells Hello! about the imprint of her grandmother, her approach to beauty and the inspiration behind her new trio of fragrances.

What inspired the new Rose Cologne Collection?

I love flowers, they are very much a source of inspiration for the brand. I wanted to do a collection inspired by beautiful gardens and build them around the rose. We had an existing scent, evening rose, that’s a combination of rose and cognac. To me it represents my grandparents; my grandmother loved Bulgarian roses and my grandfather loved scotch. The mix of the two – the ability to combine rose with anything – and finding something unexpected was really the idea behind it.

Your grandmother, Estée, must be a constant source of inspiration.

Absolutely! [My earliest memories] are of my grandmother. She was always working on beautiful perfumes and when she came to visit, the whole place would smell absolutely delicious with her latest project.

So, like Estée, do you like to change your scent and wear what you’re working on?

I think it’s fun to mix [your scents] up and have a fragrance wardrobe. Estée has this amazing quote that says: “You wouldn’t wear the same dress to dinner as you would to tennis, so why wear the same fragrance?” To have a fragrance wardrobe is very modern and I think for women today, who are busier than ever, it’s fun to have different fragrances for different moods, seasons and different places.


Did your grandmother share any other beauty tips with you?

There are so many! Estée always said, “You only have one face, take care of it,” which is so true. The importance of skin care also extends to taking care of yourself by getting enough sleep, drinking water, eating well and staying out of the sun. My mother still reinforces those ideas and wears makeup every day to protect her skin. Everything starts from good skin care.

What products do you think all women should use?

A great lip conditioner is always essential. I live for Advanced Night Repair! The product was launched in the ’70s by Estée and to this day I use it religiously, day and night. I love a sun-kissed look, so I love self-tanner. In your Canadian spring, there’s still snow or cold days, but you can be sun-kissed and fresh by applying a little bit [of self-tanner] to your face and mixing it with a bronzer.

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