Toronto's realest Housewife Roxy Earle talks body positivity and self confidence

By: Meaghan Wray

“It’s ironic,” Roxy Earle pointed out, that a starring woman of Real Housewives of Toronto prides herself on “being real.” The 33-year-old radiated this realness when she shared her journey to self-love during Instagram’s Uncovered: Shaping Body Image event on Sept 19.

With commanding confidence, Roxy looked effortlessly chic in a leather Eloquii dress and bright red Oscar de la Renta stilettos as she greeted her loyal crew of fans before taking the stage to deliver a much-needed speech on beauty and body standards.

“[Body positivity] is about ending this cycle of self-destruction and this endless shame around bodies, and instead embracing bodies of all sizes, and the idea that beauty and glamour can be defined in many ways,” she told the crowd.

In a franchise that is notoriously monotonous in terms of what a glamorous woman looks like, the Toronto native is a refreshing face to the scene. She fiercely represents a body type that is the status quo, and encourages others to love their own bodies with her self-made hashtag #MySizeRox.

HELLO! sat down with the gorgeous television star to chat her biggest inspiration, doing away with the “beach body” mentality and what it’s like being a curvy housewife of Toronto.


Roxy walked in Mac Duggal's show at NYFW.

Congrats on walking in New York Fashion Week, Roxy! What was it like?

It felt very validating. I was like, 'You rock, Roxy. Good for you.' Six months ago, I decided I wanted to be a model. Six months later, I'm walking in New York Fashion Week. I'm walking because people believe in what I'm putting out there into the world. It showed me that I can create my dreams.

Who has helped you the most in your body positivity journey?

My mom is a very powerful and good person. Being mediocre was never an option; the way I felt about myself, the way I achieved, the way I carried myself in the world. When I started to feel self-conscious about my figure, she’d say, ‘Mariah Carey is your favourite singer, she’s curvy!’ She made everything about my body accepted and normal. There wasn’t this endless conversation about dieting.

Today on the official first day of summer, I stand proud in the body I've been given. Summer should be about joy and laughter, but for so many it means a flood of insecurities and anxiety about our bodies. Do I look too big? Too small? Too flat? Too full? If only I could loose 15lbs, if only I could have one cup bigger. I hear it every time people put on a swimsuit. I urge you to STOP! Just decide this is the summer you're going to love the parts you hate. This is the summer you're going to hear pool party and think of fun times before anxiety. So here I am wishing you a summer full of love, full of throwing on your swimsuit and running down a beach, to letting go of fears, anxieties, to not judging ourselves against one another. So get out those swimsuits and stand proud in the body you've been given & when you do tag your photos with #MySizeRox ❤️ Roxy @royaltonnegril @sunwingvacations @sandpipersswim @holly_eyewear #SISwimSearch

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There was a scene in Real Housewives of Toronto where all the women were trying on sample sizes and nothing fit you. What impact did that have?

I’m thankful for that experience because it caused a visceral reaction in me that allowed many people to relate to my story. It’s opened up a conversation with followers and with fans of the show. It’s challenged fashion. I’m going to keep calling on the fashion industry and challenging what is a normal size.

How do you relate to your fans?

I'm very honest and real with them and they appreciate that. I hear a lot that I'm their best friend and I love that. There's nothing precious about me. They're just as entitled to have all of this love and admiration and attention as I am.

You inspire so many women, but who inspires you?

My followers! Their stories about what they’ve overcome fuels everything I’m doing. They’re the number one place I draw inspiration from. I also love the Kardashians. Kim is my queen, and she makes me feel good about myself. She’s the first woman I saw [on TV] that looked like me.

With winter vacations on the horizon, what advice do you have for women who are nervous to put on a bathing suit?

Everyone on the beach is too concerned with how they look to care about how you look. Don’t miss out on incredible experiences like going to the beach because you’re worried about your figure. Life will pass you by if you keep endlessly waiting to be something. For so long, I spent my life saying, ‘I’ll do that when, I will go to this place when I’m this size.’ That’s no way to live your life. You’re letting life pass you by. Just own it! Confidence is the most beautiful thing you can put on.

Do you have a go-to song that lifts you up when you’re feeling down?

“Fly” by Nicki Minaj and Rihanna! I listen to it all the time. It’s just bad ass and strong, it’s powerful and it reminds me to soar.

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