virgo horoscope 2017

Celebrity Virgo

Beyonc� Knowles 13 September 1993

2017 forecast

A double trend is emerging for the year ahead. On the one hand, it will be a great opportunity to discover new sources of resources, material or otherwise. Perhaps you might earn more, or develop your skills in a smarter way. Avoid spreading your energy too widely and too thinly or mismanaging resources. It will be a good time to review your values, and choose your priorities and focus on them. If you do so, this could well be a year of extraordinary growth.

On the other hand, responsibilities in family or romantic life will continue to colour your life. The watchword here is patience, especially in the face of obstacles, delays and problems. But it is time to accept reality and act with maturity and commitment towards your family and towards your own lifestyle. Only then can you build a solid foundation for your future.

Beginning in October, you’ll start travelling more and it will be a great time to discover new places. It will also be a good time to develop new interests and discover the secret to leading a more interesting life.