Issue 324

EXCLUSIVE COVER STORY: As she returns to the spotlight in Las Vegas, SHANIA TWAIN invites Hello! into her harmonious life, offering a rare glimpse of her happy existence with her husband, son and “baby sister.” Plus, we've got 10 facts you probably don't know about Shania.

EXCLUSIVE: Diamond heiress and legendary hostess CAROL ASSCHER opens up her extraordinary St-Tropez mansion. “What’s the point of having a magnificent house if I don’t fill it with friends?” asks Carol.

As his life hits new heights, Gravity star GEORGE CLOONEY gets candid about Sandra, spacesuits and the single life. (And Sandra talks Gravity here, at the film's London premiere).

As PRINCE WILLIAM and KATE move into their dream home, we reveal how the Duchess of Cambridge renovated and transformed their Kensington Palace apartment.

EXCLUSIVE: At home with CHRIS HADFIELD, Canada’s space hero, and his wife, HELENE, talking out-of-this-world experiences and their marriage. (Get a taste of what the astronaut had to say!)

Issue 324