Avril Lavigne explains why she moved away from Hollywood

Singer Avril Lavigne, 28, has explained that she moved away from Los Angeles because she was finding it difficult to not get obsessed with Hollywood and celebrity life.

The So Complicated singer, who will soon marry Nickelback frontman Chad Kroegner later this year, told the New York Post and said that she wants to stay as normal and grounded as possible.

"It's very rare that I meet people in the industry that are down to earth. Normal people [can] get really caught up in their celebrity and who they are as a star," revealed the Canadian.

"For me I've always made sure to turn it on when I need it to turn on and turn it off when I need it to turn off. I am a normal human being. I like to be home and with my family. I spent 10 years living in Los Angeles and I moved away from LA now to make sure I don't get too caught up."

The bride-to-be has recently provoked pregnancy rumours after she attended a Nylon magazine party to celebrate her being on the lastest cover as she wore a loose-fitting leather top that skimmed her tummy.

Avril, who split from her first husband Sum 41 frontman Deryck Whibley in 2009, revealed she and Chad had bonded over all the things they shared in common, after starting their romance last year.

"We met in the studio. We started dating July 1 - Canada Day. He proposed in the studio a month later after we were dating,” she revealed to Page Six.

"We bonded through work, music and song writing. We were buddies and it blossomed naturally into a relationship."

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