Justin Bieber's bodyguards carry him up the Great Wall of China

Justin Bieber was in China on Monday, taking a break from his busy concert schedule to visit the country’s historical sites -- like the Great Wall -- as any other tourist would.

But unlike other tourists, Justin has a rather unusual way of getting around. 

The pop star’s attempt to scale the historical monument proved too much for the tired teen, who ordered his bodyguards to carry him to the summit on their burly shoulders as shocked tourists looked on.


Once at the top, the singer and his entourage posed for a photo. 

The images were shared on Twitter, where users were divided on whether both the singer's behaviour was diva-like or amusing — or both. 

“All hail Emperor Bieber,” said one commenter.

Justin, 19, is currently on his Believe world tour, where he's performing in Asia until Oct. 12.

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