Celine Dion hilariously watches herself sing in the bathroom

We wish we sounded like this when we sang in our bathrooms!

Celine Dion was appearing on Le Banquier, a Quebec version of the game show Deal Or No Deal, when host Julie Snyder shared a behind-the-scenes video with her.

When she realized what was about to be shown, the Canadian songstress exclaimed, “Oh, tu n'es pas sérieux!” (Oh, you're not serious!).

In the secretly-recorded video, Celine is seen singing in a public washroom as she rehearses her latest single, “Loved Me Back to Life," off her latest album of the same name.

The fun really begins when an in-screen monitor pops up, which shows the embarrassed singer reacting to watching herself belt the song. Celine finds herself so amusing that she explodes into a fit of giggles, laughing to the point of tears. 

“You should use it now because I might buy it," she quips atthe end of the video as she directs a man to the lavatory and skips down the hall. "The sound is amazing!"

Clearly she appreciates washroom with exceptional acoustics!

Watch the hilarious video for yourself below.

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