‘I missed you!’: Lady Gaga returns to Toronto

Lady Gaga made an impromptu appearance in Toronto last night, just one week after the release of her latest album, ARTPOP.

Taking part in a Q&A session at 99 Sudbury, the private event served as a fundraiser for Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, a charity that aims to create a "braver, kinder world" for youth.

Wearing a long black dress and dark sunglasses, the 27-year-old singer signed autographs and said she had a message for her “little monsters” the city: “I missed you!”

She also admitted that there are ups and downs to being an international superstar.

“There are days where it’s more challenging to go out and be alone and have just sort of a quiet night with my family or my friends, but those are the sacrifices you make when you’re a performer,” Gaga told City.

Gaga was last in Toronto in February, performing at the Air Canada Centre for her Born This Way tour. 

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