Michael Bublé on son Noah: 'He inspires me'

He's no stranger to life on the road, but these days chart topper Michael Bublé has some company: his Argentine wife, Luisana Lopilato, and their 10-month-old son Noah!

And the Burnaby, B.C., native couldn't be happier about having the duo in his corner as he resumes his To Be Loved world tour here in Canada. In fact, in a phone conversation with the star, it is plain to see that Michael is enjoying a particularly happy chapter in his life, as he rides a wave of professional and personal success.

Here, the charismatic singer opens up about the joys in his life, the concert tour that will take him to the U.S. and beyond, and his hopes for the future.

What’s it like for you to perform to sold-out crowds in Canada? It’s completely different [because it’s my home]. I really hope that I blow people away. I’m so proud of this show, I know how good it is and I hope that when I jump off that stage every night that the people are proud of me, too.

Do you get nervous? Not anywhere. I texted my musical director last night and he said, “Is there anything that I need to know?” and I just said, “These shows, they don’t need to be great, they need to be the best.” That’s the pressure that I put on myself.

Michael Bublé performing in Sydney. Photo: © Getty

What does it mean to you to have your songs used at weddings and other milestone events in your fans’ lives? It’s the reason that we want to make music. It’s an honour and a privilege when you get to be part of someone’s life, whether that’s at a wedding or at Christmas – you’re invited into people’s homes at such a personal and important time. That means a lot to me. I remember talking to Josh Groban and he said that he would hear his stuff at funerals. I think as long as your music isn’t used too often in elevators, I think you’re doing OK.

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What’s something that your father taught you that you hope to pass on to Noah? My dad is a really loving guy. I don’t think I’m as humble as my dad but I hope my son will be. My dad has always been really good about being focused on the good things. He always appreciated people and never took away people’s dignity. That’s something that I looked up to him for. I don’t think I ever heard my dad tell someone to go and do something, I always heard him ask. He would always say to me, “You know, kid, you can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar.” He’s just a beautiful guy, and I hope I can be like that with my kids and that [Noah] looks up to me and thinks that that’s a cool way to be, too.

Noah pictured with his proud dad. Photo: © Instagram

You’re playing in Argentina in September. How has the fans’ reaction there changed since you married Luisana? There’s a huge reaction. There’s nowhere you can really go in that country without people knowing who Lu is; I guess if I could compare her, she’d be something like the Jennifer Aniston of their culture. They just love her. She’s known to be a very sweet and talented girl. The truth is, Argentina wasn’t on the docket. I called my manager and said, “This is my home now, too. That’s my wife’s country and my son’s country. We’ve got to go.”

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Can we expect any musical tributes to Noah? Probably. Naturally, he inspires me; he’s my favourite thing in the whole world. He’s sitting here right now with pasta all over his face and as I was just talking to you he was hitting me in the face with pasta, so I’ve probably got pasta all over my face. How could he not inspire me? For probably the first time in my life, I get what life is about for me. It’s impossible for him not to inspire me to write something or to do something special.

Luisana snapped this sweet photo of her husband and their son taking a nap. Photo: Instagram

Do you have any big plans for his first birthday? I think we do. [Laughs] It’s my wife, she has huge plans.

What’s next for you? I’ve got a lot of ideas and I’m going to have a lot of fun doing the next record. I don’t think it’s going to be very soon, to be honest. I’d like to take some time to do some other things.

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What might those things be? Acting? Taking time off to spend with family? All of it. At this point, of course I’m focused on the tour. It’s a lot of shows, a lot of work and a lot of travel, so I’ve got to think like a hockey player and take it one game at a time. I have some ideas and there are opportunities that come up every day. I’ve got to look at my cards and decide which ones to play.

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