Kiesza releases 'Giant in My Heart' music video

Kiesza released her second official video on Canada Day and it captures how a bad day can be erased by a great night out.

The video is for the song “Giant in My Heart” and shows a man going through the motions of a truly horrible day – he is splashed by an oncoming car, he is pushed and shoved on transit and he drops all of his work documents, only to have them walked all over.

But things start to look up when the video’s protagonist gets dressed up in drag and meets his friends for a night on the town, which includes a live performance from Kiesza herself. The trio of cross-dressers kiss a wine bottle with their freshly-painted lips, and the video’s lead character pockets the label as a keepsake.

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The next day, the man encounters another series of unfortunate events, but with the memento from the previous night's festivities tucked comfortably in his front pocket, all his troubles seem to melt away.

Kiesza first became popular in the United Kingdom with her number one dance hit "Hideaway," but she’s actually a Canadian. Born in Calgary, the 26-year-old redhead joined the Royal Canadian Navy reserves before making it big.

In 2008, the Albertan songstress donated 4,500 records to Canadian troops in Afghanistan, which she attributed to her time spent in the naval forces. In addition to being a popular singer and a former military reservist, Kiesza is a trained tap, jazz and ballet dancer.

To date, “Hideaway” has reached number one in Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

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