​Hilary Duff debuts a fresh new sound in her ‘Chasing the Sun’ video

Hilary Duff’s anticipated debut single, “Chasing the Sun,” is a whole new sound for the former Lizzie McGuire actress.

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The video stars Hilary playing the bored and uninspired office drone dreaming of her next vacation. The song itself has a lone guitar track that’s reminiscent of a new country tune from the likes of Taylor Swift.

From beach scene to drinking coffee out of a martini glass at work, the video explores the working-to-live lifestyle. When she’s in her version of paradise, she can be seen galloping across an empty beach into the arms of a handsome man – a man who later rubs Hilary down with suntan lotion.

The song has been teased at a release party and on Instagram, but the video officially launched on Monday (July 28). Since its launch, it has already reached more than 250,000 views on YouTube.

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Hilary celebrated the launch of “Chasing the Sun” by addressing her Canadian fans personally. “You Canadians always showing so much love to me!!!! #6 ain’t too shabby. Yaaas,” the 26-year-old singer said in a tweet.

Watch the video below:

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