​Neil Young and Darryl Hannah share a kiss in California

Neil Young and Darryl Hannah have sparked rumours of a courtship after being spotted canoodling in Westlake, California.

The pair was seen linking arms and sharing a kiss on a stroll to a restaurant on Sept. 9,just one day before the folk legend walked the red carpet at TIFF for Human Highway.

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Neil announced his divorce from Pegi Young on July 29, so this would be a swift transition. The recently split couple married in 1977 and have two children together, Amber Jean and Ben Young.

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This isn’t the first time the eco-conscious twosome has been spotted out and about. Darryl, 53, and Neil, 68, took a trip to the Alberta Tar Sands in August (similarly, so did Leonardo DiCaprio).

The singer and actress have not confirmed their union.

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