Take Five with… Lights: My On-the-Road Essentials

Among the many stops on Lights’ tour this year, there’s one show she can’t wait to perform, the Juno Awards. On March 15, the “Up We Go” singer – who has a Pop Album of the Year nomination for Little Machines – will be taking the stage at Hamilton’s FirstOntario Centre. “It will be a first,” she says of performing at the awards show. “We’ve played at the gala before but never on the broadcast. It’s nice.”

Plus, it’s the perfect occasion to catch up with fellow nominees and old friends. “The Junos are just like a family reunion, so I’m looking forward to it,” she tells Hello! Canada. Here, the electro-pop artist and new mom tells us what makes her feel at home when she’s constantly on the move.

Every now and then I get time off to see a new city. Recently, we had a chance to wander around New Orleans. One of my favourite places to play is Amsterdam. The crowds are always great and the city is so beautiful; everywhere you look is Instagram-worthy! I’m lucky to have a lifestyle where I can just go to a new place every day. I think it’s easy as a musician to take that for granted but I feel very lucky for it every day.

Now that I have a little girl [one-year-old Rocket], I have to have my band, my crew and my family with me. I couldn’t be happier with that. If my husband [musician Beau Bokan] isn’t here because he’s on the road, it’s my mom. It feels like home wherever we go. Having them there keeps me grounded and comfortable. Now that I have a little one and am travelling with family every day, it feels like a vacation with shows on the side. It’s a great feeling. Touring with a baby involves a whole new layer of responsibility. Your priorities change; you have to make sure the little one is getting enough sunlight, exercise and education. Suddenly my life has this direction that it didn’t have before. We’re all looking for a little more direction, and that’s what it’s given me. Motherhood’s given me an overall sense of peace. On top of all the joy that I get out of doing music, I have a life that’s busy and beautiful.

Starbucks is a constant on tour. We were just in Frankfurt, Germany, and in Glasgow, Scotland...You can be anywhere and you can go get your drink and still have that piece of home. I’ll wake up, get my phone and search for the nearest location. If it’s a mile walk away, you get to see the city and get a little bit of culture on the way. When you’re somewhere new, knowing there’s something there that you are familiar with is such a good feeling.

One of the things that I bring with me all the time is an acoustic guitar. It’s always in close range. Whether you’re warming up or have a radio visit, a song idea, or you want to figure out chords to something you want to cover, as a musician, you’ve got to have a guitar on hand. It’s one of the most important things that I bring everywhere.

I always like to have a gaming console with me on the road, like my Xbox. Or I’ll download games on my computer. I always take those on tour because I think it’s important to have an escape no matter how old you get. For me, that’s videogames. They take your mind away from everything for a while, and I think it’s healthy to maintain an imaginative perspective on life.

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