Vin Diesel rocks rendition of "Oh Happy Day" with Toronto-based choir

By Sarah Walker

We knew Vin Diesel could act, but who knew he could sing? His hidden talents came to the forefront when a woman named Trinity Lewis posted a video of the Fast & Furious star performing with the Toronto-based gospel choir Sharon Riley & the Faith Chorale last week.

The brief clip shows the actor leading the soulful group in a rendition of "Oh Happy Day" (Think Sister Act) and absolutely nailing the spirit of the tune - from hitting a high note to dropping his voice way down low and even swaying in the pew.

Vin Diesel fulfilled a lifelong dream of singing. Photo: © Instagram

Before breaking into song, the 48-year-old spoke to the crowd and admitted he's never performed in a church before.

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"A dream of mine always has been to have the confidence to sing in a choir," he revealed. "Although my grandmother would take me to the choir every weekend, I never had that little bit of confidence to get up there and sing. So, now, since I'm in a circle of love with Sharon Riley and the Faith Chorale, I am going to attempt what I thought was not possible."

For someone who's always been so confident on camera, the admission came as a bit of a shock - but we're glad Vin finally built up his vocal confidence for this incredible moment.

The actor is currently in Toronto shooting his next film xXx: The Return of Xander Cage alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Nina Dobrev and Ruby Rose. The reason Vin ended up singing with this choir is because a portion of the film was shot in the church and features the group of 13 singers.

Watch the full performance below!

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