Royal baby characteristics by star sign: Aries vs Taurus

Ever since the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, confirmed that her second baby with Prince William would be born in "mid-to-late April," astrologers have been eagerly waiting to find out if Prince George's younger sibling will be an Aries or a Taurus.

Royal watchers and zodiac enthusiasts will recall that George was born on the cusp of the Cancer-Leo sign on July 22, just a few hours before the sun entered Leo. Therefore, the future King is indeed a sensitive Cancerian, like his father and late grandmother, Princess Diana.

As the world patiently waits to find out if Prince George will be joined by a baby brother or sister, Hello! explains the characteristics of the Aries and Taurus signs, with the help of astrology connoisseur Angie Banicki.

Aries baby (March 21 – April 18)

Angie says: “If the child is born before April 19, we can expect an open, fiery and energetic Aries baby. Aries are often childlike in personality — spontaneous, lively and sensitive. Aries born closer to the 19th are less concerned with their own personal image and are very interested in the rules of society and politics. They are known as pioneers. They are born leaders who inspire others and aren’t afraid to push boundaries. They believe in the power of human thought to transform the world into a better place.

Boy vs. girl: “If Will and Kate have a daughter, she will be flirtatious and fun while also being very sensitive to the needs of her family. A son will take on this sensitivity in his leadership style and may mask it more at home. Although he will know how much he can get away with and when his parents are upset, a male is more easily torn by his spontaneous fun-loving side and the sensitivity to respect his royal responsibility.”

Relationship with George: “George, who is on the Cancer-Leo Cusp, and an Aries sibling would be a fiery, adventurous friendship. These two are bound to have exciting experiences together. Aries are full of energy and George will match that for the most part. The only time they may argue is when George can’t keep up with his sibling’s boundless spirit! For the most part, the siblings will be two peas in a pod!”

Royal Aries: Queen Frederika of Greece, Princess Eugenie

Taurus baby (April 24 – May 22)

Angie says: “If the baby is born after April 24, we can expect a grounded, sensuous and practical Taurus. People that are Taurus are pragmatists; running home and business affairs is where they thrive. They are extremely easy going. They enjoy the role of boss and have the patience to handle troublemakers. They love to be protectors and have a strong ability to build a cohesive team around them.”

Boy vs. girl: “If the royal baby is a girl, she will actually truly enjoy her responsibilities as a princess — hosting at the palace and owning her power as an influencer. She will be a caretaker to her older brother. If it’s a boy, he will also uphold his duties as prince and be the young protector of the family.”

Relationship with George: “George will have to learn to communicate with his new sibling if he or she is a Taurus. George will want his brother or sister to be more sympathetic and understanding. The new baby will grow impatient with George’s need for constant change and excitement. A Taurus seeks stability while a Cancer-Leo cusp wants fun and variety. The siblings will get along if they can be sensitive and nonjudgmental to each other’s differences.”

Royal Taurus: Queen Mary II of England, Prince Carl Philip of Sweden, Queen Maxima

Born in the middle, aka the Cusp (April 19 – 23)

Angie says: “If the baby is born April 19-23, we can expect a dominant personality in the Aries-Taurus cusp. People in the Aries-Taurus cusp crave power and will take control. They will make an impact on the world around them with great force. This can be a perfect combination of the strategic, devoted Taurus with the passionately imaginative Aries.

“A bonus for this royal baby being on the cusp is possibly sharing his great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth’s birthday!”

Boy vs. girl: “A boy on the cusp will be a little powerhouse but will have to learn how to control his dominant overpowering personality and just allow life to unravel. He’ll be fiercely independent and no doubt a leader. A girl will be a passionate leader as well and similarly to the male cusp, will have to be careful not to turn others off when she voices her passions and commands in her role as royalty.”

Relationship with George: “Cancer-Leo Cusp and Aries-Taurus Cusp are a delightful family match. This relationship will have phases. It will go from them being best buddies travelling and adventuring and being practically attached at the hip to where they seem distant, with each going their own independent ways. The time apart allows each to concentrate on their own unique aspirations while still appreciating each other when they rejoin for more escapades.”

Royals on the cusp: Queen Elizabeth II, Queen Isabella of Spain, Princess Isabella of Denmark


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