​Royal push presents: What will William give Kate?

Having a child is no easy task, which is why more and more husbands are acknowledging a mother’s unique burden by giving their expectant wives “push presents," a.k.a. tokens of thanks for enduring the birthing process.

Push gifts are already all the rage in Hollywood, with everyone from Victoria Beckham to Mila Kunis receiving lavish items – mostly jewelry – from their famous hubbies post-baby.

In royal circles, however, these so-called “baby baubles” have been the norm for years, with royal husbands showering their wives with extravagant gifts after they've delivered a little prince or princess. They are, after all, giving birth to future monarchs!

It's though that William will give Kate a push present after she gives birth. Photo © Getty

Queen Victoria’s husband, Prince Albert gave reportedly gave her a “beautiful brooch in the shape of our boy’s crest” after she welcomed their first son, Prince Albert Edward of Wales, who would later become King Edward VII. Despite the fact that Victoria reportedly "hated being pregnant," the couple went on to have eight more children – and we hope she got a little something every time!

The Queen and Prince Philip: A look back at their life together

Fast-forward several generations later, and the grand tradition of royal push presents was still going strong. Prince Philip reportedly gave then-Princess Elizabeth a bottle of champagne and a large bouquet of red roses and carnations (her favourite flowers) after Prince Charles was born in 1948.

Charles lavished Diana with gifts upon William's arrival. Photo © Getty

But it was Princess Diana who received the most impressive push gifts of all when she welcomed her and Prince Charles's first son, Prince William. Charles lavished Diana with jewels and other items upon William's arrival, presenting her with a diamond-and-pearl necklace that featured a sparkling heart at the centre, a solid gold “W” to add to her charm bracelet and even a custom Mini Cooper.

It’s often been speculated that the Duchess of Cambridge, née Kate Middleton, was likewise gifted with a push present after she was seen wearing a long chain that featured a circular pendant inscribed with “George Alexander Louis” after Prince George was born. However, it turns out that the pendant – which cost just $150 – was not Kate’s only push gift.

Duchess Kate's most dazzling jewels

William reportedly had something extra special in mind when Kate gave birth to his first-born son in 2013. According to the Daily Express, the prince wanted to “give Kate something personal, a treasure that can form part of her own royal jewelry collection.”

His choice? A brooch featuring a pink diamond at its centre, which the prince commissioned especially for his wife from the Queen’s jewellers.

The Queen's favourite brooch. Photograph courtesy of The Royal Collection

The gem held extra significance for the royal gamily, as the Queen owns one of the most impressive uncut pink diamonds in the world – a 54.5-carat wedding gift from esteemed Canadian geologist John Williamson, which is also set in a brooch. It’s said to be one of the Queen’s most prized possessions.

With Kate due to give birth to the second royal baby any day now, there’s little doubt that doting William has already found an appropriate push gift for his wife once the fourth-in-line arrives. Odds are good that it will be another glittering piece of jewelry to add to Kate's already expansive collection.

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