Parents react to Prince George lookalike's viral photo

Prince George has a Canadian lookalike across the pond, and the cherubic toddler is well aware of his resemblance to Britain’s little heir. John III was snapped alongside the current cover of HELLO! Canada, which features Prince William and Kate’s son and daughter on the cover – but little did anyone know the shot would soon go viral.

My godson thinks he’s Prince George,” read the caption on the snap posted to Reddit by adorable John’s 17-year-old godfather. The photo shows the 2-year-old pointing animatedly at the cover while giving off a George-worthy smile.

A picture of a lookalike Prince George went viral
Photo: © Reddit

As people buzz about George’s doppelgänger, HELLO! chatted with the boy’s parents about the instant fame and how this picture even came to be. “I didn’t think anything of it,” said father John. “We walked past the magazine in Walmart on Sunday and I thought to myself, ‘we’ll get back to that because it was funny.’ When I came back I grabbed the magazine and he said, ‘Hey look that’s me!’ So, then I gave it to him and I snapped a couple of pictures. I didn’t realize until later that he pointed at it. It wasn’t set up or anything. I sent it to my niece and nephew and he posted it on Reddit and it just went from there.”

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While John doesn’t believe his son looks too much like Prince George, he shared that people do comment on the resemblance often. “I don’t see it that much, but people have come up to us and said our son looks like Prince George,” he added. “They tell my wife all the time when she’s out with him.”

Prince George is known for his adorable photogenic moments
Photo: © Getty Images

And like the little Prince, this tot has a lot of other similarities as well. First, he has a regal name, John III, and the family just so happens to live in a town called London (in Canada.) Little John even has a horse named after him! "We call him smiling Johnny and my uncle-in-law races horses, and he registered that name for his horse," added John. With only a 5-month age gap between the two, John’s wife Leslie was also pregnant at the same time as Kate.

Little Johnny’s father said his son and the Prince have similar personalities
Photo: ©Getty Images

As new photos were released of George running around the polo match this weekend, John noted that his son is just as expressive and happy as the Prince. “To our family, he’s the happiest baby,” he noted. “When we go to picnics or family events or parties he’s always happy and he’s always smiling. It’s nice to see that people are sharing his expression.”

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