Prince William's surprise cafeteria lunch causes hilarious Twitter frenzy from students

By Ainhoa Barcelona

Most people will never find themselves in the same room as Prince William let alone eating lunch with him, so it's no surprise that students at the John Henry Newman School in Stevenage, England, were shocked to find the royal in their cafeteria on Wednesday (Jan. 13). The future King and his East Anglian Air Ambulance team touched down for a midday snack during their shift.

William, 33, was spotted eating in the school canteen, where he was joined by pupils at the Roman Catholic school.

Wearing black overalls, the prince didn't manage to go incognito as he was pictured by some stealthy, social media-savvy students. Uploading their photos on Twitter, the teenagers commented on the royal's visit, with most expressing confusion.


"Look who Joe had lunch with today… Prince William!" wrote another, alongside a zoomed-in photo of the senior royal.

Teenager Laura posted, "I literally have no clue why Prince William would want to come to JHN and have lunch but he did," while Niamh wrote, "When you walk into your dining room to find Prince William having a spot of lunch! #what."

One student, Elena, was told by her friend Helen that she had missed the royal visitor. She posted a screenshot of the pair's conversation, that read, "So the day you don't come in Prince William lands a helicopter on the field and cannelloni on the menu for lunch."

"Not quite sure which I'm more upset about, Prince William or the cannelloni :((," joked Elena.

William, who began working as a co-pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance last summer, was taking a break from transporting doctors from nearby Lister hospital. He was also seen landing in the school's field, wearing his high-visibility jacket.

The charity William works for operates in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk and Suffolk and helps victims involved in accidents or medical emergencies.

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