Peek inside the Queen's dazzling jewelry collection

There is no jewelry in the world that can rival the magnificence of a royal crown or tiara. Kings and queens have donned these dazzling symbols of the monarchy’s power and other spectacular baubles for centuries, and the Queen possesses one of the most exquisite collections of all time. We highlight some of her most prized pieces in the video below.

During more than six decades on the throne, the monarch has amassed some 25 headpieces, a stunning assortment containing thousands of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and pearls. Some pieces have belonged to the Royal Family for decades, lovingly passed down over generations, while others are part of the cache of crown jewels, and all have rich histories.

The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara

For example, Queen Mary passed along the diamond Girls of Great Britain and Ireland tiara to her granddaughter Princess Elizabeth when she wed. The cherished headpiece has a festoon-and-scroll design with a lozenge-pattern bandeau. Mary substituted additional diamonds for the pearls that once topped each spike.

Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik tiara

Another family heirloom, the 488-diamond Queen Alexandra Kokoshnik tiara was made by then-crown jewellers Garrard for King Edward VII's wife, Queen Alexandra. The design - which imitated the traditional headdress of Russian folk dancers - was said to have been inspired by a tiara owned by Alexandra's sister, Empress Marie of Russia.

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