Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's twins are learning their ABCs in two languages

Monaco royals Prince Albert and Princess Charlene are raising two very smart children! The couple's twins, Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, are growing up fast and their proud dad shared the 19-month-old pair's latest milestones with People.

"They're doing great!" the 58-year-old said. "They're roaming around, starting to repeat words.”


Albert opened up about his twin's latest milestones

He continued, "They almost know their ABCs and numbers." While they’ve mastered most of the letters, there are a few giving the royal tots some trouble. Albert said, “There's a little hesitation before XYZ now – but that should be gone in a few days.”


Though they might be having trouble now, the little prince and princess are already advanced when it comes to the alphabet. The royal said, "They're doing them in French and English. We're speaking mostly English. Gabriella's really very good with her numbers. Jacques is a little bit lazier but he catches up fast and will pass her."

Prince Albert confessed, "Babies are a great excuse to cut anything short"

Albert also revealed that his young children are already taking after their mother, a former Olympic swimmer, in the pool. “They're in there twice a day," he said. "I try to make the late afternoon swim with them." However, between the two of them, Gabriella is more of a daredevil.


"[Gabriella] likes putting her head underwater more than Jacques does," the dad-of-four admitted. “They play well together. And a lot – but there always comes a moment when they want to play with someone else."

The proud dad said his kids are learning their ABCs in English and French

No doubt the twins are enjoying the company of other playmates at their school. "They're in a daycare center a couple of times a week now,” Albert revealed. "That's been exceptional because that way they get to play with others their own age. And they're really very sociable."


The tots' social skills shouldn't be a surprise given the fact that Princess Charlene’s children have an “overall happy attitude.” “They smile all the time. I think they're happy. They don't complain much. Even when they fall, they don't complain unless it's a bang on the leg when they overrun their own sense of speed,” Albert said. "I think I've only ever seen them cry three, maybe four times. And that's both of them. Total."

The royal said that his 19-month-old twins are happy babies

While he's blessed with having well-behaved children, there is one aspect of raising little ones that has been a bit of a drawback for Monaco's monarch. He explained, "The beautiful thing is when they say, 'Daddy' and reach up for you to pick them up and want you to hold them. But when that happens at 8 or 9 in the morning when you have to go to the office, it's a little tough." Though Albert confessed, "Babies are a great excuse to cut anything short. No one argues with that. No one. I figured that out myself."

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