Kate's favourite face oil is now available in Canada

By Sarah Walker

The Duchess of Cambridge’s alleged go-to beauty product is finally available in Canada! According to reports from 2016, Kate swears by Beuti Skincare’s Beauty Sleep Elixir to keep her skin well-moisturized and looking youthful.

Leila Aalam, the founder of the U.K. line, even told People that the product has been hand-delivered to the 35-year-old by a friend who works at Kensington Palace. Kate reportedly keeps several bottles on her bedside table.


Beuti Skincare's Beauty Sleep Elixir is now available in Canada.

“We were ecstatic to know that she liked it and was actually using it,” the beauty therapist noted.

She went on to say that “Kate has got great skin, but as she gets older she will need to use more targeted skin care -- plus, having children makes your skin more sensitive.” This product is apparently perfect for that. It also squashes inflammation.

Speaking to Well+Good, Leila said “Inflammation causes the skin to degrade its supply of collagen and elastin… This breaks down the barrier function of the skin, causing the onset of ‘inflammaging’ and visible skin aging.”

Made from 100 per cent natural and 98 per cent organic ingredients, the Beauty Sleep Elixir is said to provide a “super boost” of vitamins, minerals and omegas to nourish the face. Because it’s made with 14 plant oils, it also has anti-inflammatory properties that help to repair damage, including imperfections like blemishes.

Kate is reportedly a huge fan of the beauty elixir.

What's unique about the product is that unlike other oils it's not overly greasy (to the touch it's quite dry), which means you can use it as a great base for makeup application.


Retailing for $75 in Canada on vossity.com, two of the product’s most unique ingredients are softalia and Caribbean coral. The former is sourced from a plantation in Australia, while the latter neutralizes the enzyme responsible for skin aging.

This isn't the first time a product reportedly beloved by Kate has made waves online. In 2014, it was reported both she and the Duchess of Cornwall rely heavily on Heaven skincare products by Deborah Mitchell. Their go-to is apparently a bee venom face mask which is said to cleanse and tighten skin and that acts as a natural face-lift.


"Someone that knew Camilla tried the treatment and then after that, I was asked to go to the palace," said Deborah in a previous interview with Hello!

The 69-year-old then reportedly recommended the facial to Duchess Kate, who used it before her wedding to Prince William in 2011. Deborah, who was invited to the royal nuptials, has been treating the Duchesses since.

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