Prince William proud of Princess Diana for discussing bulimia battle

By Gemma Strong

Prince William has spoken about Princess Diana’s battle with bulimia in a new documentary focused on eating disorders. The father-of-two sat down with British newsreader Mark Austin and his daughter Maddy, who was diagnosed with anorexia in December 2012, but has thankfully made a full recovery. Having welcomed Mark and Maddy into his Kensington Palace home, William told the pair that there's a need to "normalize the conversation about mental health," adding: "The fact you are speaking out is incredibly brave, but it should become very normal."

TAP TO VIEW GALLERYMark Austin and daughter MaddyPrince William spoke to Mark Austin and his daughter Maddy in the Channel 4 documentary

Princess Diana first revealed she had suffered from bulimia in Andrew Morton's book Diana: Her True Story in 1992, and spoke about the disorder again in 1995 during her interview with Panorama. In the Channel 4 documentary, Maddy tells William, "I was really inspired by what your mum did", to which he replies: "We need to be matter-of-fact about it, and not hide it in the dark where it festers." Mark, meanwhile, asks the prince if he is proud of his mother for sharing her story with the public.

Prince William and mother, Princess DianaThe Prince said he was proud of his mother for speaking publicly about her battle with bulimia

"Absolutely," William, 35, replies. "These things are illnesses and they need to be treated. Mental health needs to be taken as seriously as physical health." He later added: "I really hope George and Charlotte can grow up in a world where mental health is completely normalised and where we can all talk about it openly and honestly. We can talk about stuff and it is not a weakness and not to be ashamed of."

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