Princess Grace's granddaughters are heading to Morocco for an all-female off-road race

By Alisandra Puliti

Prince Albert's daughter Jazmin Grace Grimaldi and niece Pauline Ducruet (whose mom is Princess Stephanie) are taking the idea of family bonding to new heights in an endeavour no Monaco royal has ever undertaken – a nine-day, off-road rally race. “The funny thing is, we didn’t plan this,” Jazmin told HOLA! USA of doing the all-female Rallye Aicha des Gazelles du Maroc alongside her first cousin in Morocco.


Pauline Ducruet in ripped and fringe jeans paired with a cream coloured blazer next to Jazmin Grace Grimaldi dressed in a black jumpsuit with a dragonfly broche pinned to collar.
Pauline and Jazmin celebrated the kick-off to the race at a cocktail party at Mamo in NYC

It kind of happenstance brought us to do something together, which I felt was amazing. This isn’t just a rally that’s only nine days in a desert, I think it’s a lifelong experience.” Though Jazmin, who grew up in the states, and Pauline won’t be on the same team, the 25-year-old noted, “we are still able to enjoy this experience.” And no, there is no good-humored family rivalry brewing either.

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“It’s a bond that’s going to be shared,” the aspiring actress/singer shared at the kick-off event in NYC at Mamo on February 20. “Our family at first was, ‘I can’t believe you guys are going to do this,’ but we are our own women and when we put our minds to something, we are going to do it. Now, they are supportive and excited.”

Jazmin and Pauline in a groupshot in front of a dirt covered Jeep
Jazmin and Pauline along with other members of the USA Gazelles team trained in Moab, Utah

In fact, about a month ago Jazmin and Princess Stephanie’s daughter traveled to Moab, Utah with their race partners – Kiera Chaplin (Charlie Chaplin’s granddaughter) and Schanel Bakkouche, respectively –and the rest of the US team to get their off-road certifications and begin training for the all-female race that kicks off March 16. “I’ve never done something to this extent before,” Princess Grace’s granddaughter explained. “I like adventure sports. I’ve done skydiving in Australia, I’ve bungee jumped. This was something I thought would be a personal challenge for myself.”

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During their time in the desert, the women won’t have access to their phones or technology and will have to use satellite tracking systems to navigate. The only time they can check in with loved ones is if they return to the specified tent area where they will sleep. “I’m actually most excited about disconnecting for this period of time in Morocco,” the Jazmin Fund founder said.

Pauline on the highside of the praries watching the view and the sun as she lay over an edge.
Pauline took a break from training to enjoy the view

She will be able to say adieu to her aunt Princess Stephanie as the royal will lead the start of the electric vehicle category from Monaco. Once the race wraps, there will also be a celebratory gala that will be another big moment for the singer. “I’m hoping some of my family members will be there,” said Jazmin, who will be debuting her new single Fearless about female empowerment – a subject which the rally also happens to be about. “That’s what was most important for me in joining this rally – all these women coming together to share a common goal and lifting each other up when we need to and working together as team.”

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