Why did Meghan Markle and Prince Harry choose to wed on May 19?

By: Meaghan Wray

The British Royal Family rarely makes a decision without significance, from royal baby names, like the Cambridge’s newest addition Prince Louis , to style choices that pay respects to Commonwealth countries . The same goes for royal wedding dates, which typically occur on a weekday, as royal expert Katie Nicholl said years ago about Kate and Prince William’s nuptials: “They wanted a Friday… They wanted to give the country a day off.”

This time, however, Meghan Markleand Prince Harry’s big day on May 19 goes against royal tradition and could mean a few different things. For starters – and much to the dismay of weekday workers – the UK won’t be getting a day off of work!

No royal wedding has ever taken place on May 19

The most obvious reason the couple may have chosen this date in particular is because no other royal weddings have occurred on May 19. This is obviously a huge deciding factor for most royal nuptials. The Express pointed out that no weddings of “historical importance” are to occur on the Queen’s wedding date of Nov. 29, 1947.

The Queen and Prince Philip got married in 1947. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate and William’s wedding anniversary

Having an early Spring wedding was also out of the question, as Meghan and Harry certainly wouldn’t want dates to conflict with Kate and William’s wedding anniversary on April 29.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge tied the knot in 2011. Photo: © Getty Images

Kate and William’s baby

The same goes for narrowly missing the welcoming of little Prince Louis, who was born on April 23, just days before his mom and dad celebrated their marriage. Of course, Meghan certainly wants her sister-in-law to be on hand when she ties the knot, which she wouldn’t be able to do if it fell too close to her due date.

Kate and William welcomed Prince Louis on April 23, 2018. Photo: © Getty Images

They didn’t want to marry on a weekday

The royal couple-to-be have gone against the grain in many ways, from Meghan’s fashion choicesto their sweet PDA during royal outings. Though their public displays have been toned down significantly, with the next affectionate moment being their highly anticipated wedding kiss, there’s one other way they’re veering from royal history – their wedding day isn’t on a weekday! The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge said “I do” on a Friday (April 29, 2011), while Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana exchanged vows on a Wednesday (July 29, 1981). Even Her Majesty married on a Thursday.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles said "I do" in 1981. Photo: © Getty Images

Harry’s close relationship with his grandfather, Prince Philip

Although this point is on a more somber note, it’s been speculated that Harry wanted his nuptials to be sooner rather than later to ensure that his beloved grandfather would be healthy and fit to attend. Philip has had some health issues as of late – he recently underwent hip surgery, from which he is recovering in Windsor.

Prince Harry has been very close with his grandfather since he was a little boy. Photo: © Getty Images

The Queen’s birthday celebrations and summer holiday

According to Katie Nicholl, who spoke to Town & Country, “[Prince Harry] wouldn’t want to overshadow the Queen’s official birthday celebrations in June or interrupt her long summer holiday in Scotland." This year, the Queen’s Trooping the Colour birthday celebrations fall on June 9, after which she’ll head to her Balmoral estate for her annual vacation. Some royal traditions are not to be broken!

Every summer, Her Majesty takes an extended holiday in Scotland. Photo: © Getty Images

The numerology is significant

According to numerologist Felicia Bender, the significance behind the May 19 date is powerful. “This is a dynamic day that will set the vibe for the energy of the marriage,” she told Refinery29. When reduced just to the number 19, it suggests that “the challenge will be to have two strong individuals who can simultaneously be strongly independent and able to co-create effectively in their relationships.” This makes sense, as royal watchers know that both Meghan and Harry have distinct personalities and are passionate about their interests, many of which they have in common. Considering the Suits alum’s drive and ambition, it’s fair to assume that independence is very important to her.

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