Former royal chef reveals trick for getting Prince William and Prince Harry to eat their vegetables

By Heather Cichowski

No kid loves to eat their vegetables – especially broccoli – and that included Prince William and Prince Harry when they were children!

Former royal chef Darren McGrady recently shared the hack he and the boys' nanny used to get the youngsters to eat more veg.

Darren, who was a personal chef to Harry, William, the Queen and the late Princess Diana for 15 years, talked about the trick while sharing a recipe for the boys' childhood crispy chicken with mac and cheese in his latest YouTube video.

Understandably, Harry and William loved the crispy skin-on chicken thighs, which were prepared very simply with salt before being roasted in the oven. And who can resist a side of gooey mac and cheese?

The former royal chef divulged that the princes also enjoyed the chicken and mac and cheese with shucked corn, but when their nanny was in the house, the chicken had to be accompanied by broccoli. And the trade-off was that Harry and William had to eat a floret of broccoli for every piece of chicken they gobbled up!

"William and Harry loved this [the crispy chicken and mac and cheese] with shucked corn, but when Nanny was in the house..." Darren said, before emphatically shaking his head and saying, "she insisted that the boys must always eat their greens. And so, she insisted that it was broccoli all the time."

"The boys, I guess like any boys, weren't huge fans of broccoli, but what she said was 'When you do the broccoli I want you to have one piece of broccoli with each piece of chicken,'" he continued.

"So, the boys had to have the broccoli if they wanted to have the chicken."

Princess Diana, Prince William and Prince Harry enjoy some refreshments and laughs at Windsor Great Park in June 1991. Photo: © Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

And they were growing boys with big appetites, which meant they likely had more than one piece of chicken – and in turn, more broccoli.

"And of course the boys were big eaters. Two, three, sometimes four pieces [of chicken], that meant they got the broccoli," Darren continued.

And nanny really made sure the young royals got as much of their greens as possible.

"I remember nanny coming out of the dining room afterwards," Darren reminisced. "And she said, 'Well they ate their broccoli. Next time you do it, can you do bigger florets of broccoli, please?' Winked at me and walked out!"

Darren McGrady attended BritWeek's 10th Anniversary VIP Reception & Gala at the Fairmont Hotel on May 1, 2016 in Los Angeles. Photo: © Angela Weiss/Getty Images

We have a feeling some parents will be trying the clever hack on the picky eaters in their households next!

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