Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Crown Prince Frederik and Mary Donaldson chat during the gala dinner at the royal palace of Fredensborg
Photo: © AFP
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Here Denmark's Queen Margrethe is followed by Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg,as they arrive for the banquet
Photo: © AFP

21 OCTOBER 2003
Mary Donaldson made her debut as a royal hostess on Monday, when she welcomed Luxembourg's Grand Duke Henri and his wife Maria Teresa to a state dinner. The gathering was her first experience with royal duties, since she and Crown Prince Frederik announced their engagement two weeks ago.

The 31-year-old was accompanied by her fiancé to the banquet, along with Queen Margrethe and the Luxembourg royals, who are on a three-day visit to Denmark.

Guests at Fredensborg's Domed Hall also included senior politicians, Supreme Court justices and high ranking military officers. And all those present were treated to a heavenly meal of champagne soup, angler with artichoke salad, boar with salsifies and pommes de terre dauphinoises. For dessert the royal kitchen served up pyramids of puff pastry with mocha cream.

Pictures from the gathering show that Hobart-born Mary has taken to her new role with aplomb. And the princess-to-be also seemed to be getting on well with her future mother-in-law. When she marries Frederik at Copenhagen Cathedral on May 14, Mary will become the first Australian ever to stand in line to become a European queen.

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