Prince Charles speaks out on knife crime in Good Friday message

Charles and Harry are working together to tackle knife crime

Sophie Hamilton

As the world waits eagerly for the arrival of Baby Sussex, Prince Charles has shared a heartfelt message on Good Friday. Writing in the Daily Telegraph, the royal spoke about the 'pervasive horror' of knife crime and called for the perpetrators to be brought to justice. He also spoke of the power of forgiveness from the victims. He said: "Recently, Prince Harry and I brought together some of those who have been affected by knife crime to see what more could be done to tackle this pervasive horror. Listening to those who have suffered from such attacks filled us both with immense sadness."


The Prince added that the determination to look at the causes of knife crime and search for solutions was, for him, another example of 'the light shining in the darkness'.

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The country is on the verge of a national emergency as rates of knife crimes soar. In England and Wales in the year 2017/18, there were 285 homicides involving a knife or sharp instrument – the highest number since 1946 when records started.

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Charles said that the perpetrators of knife crime must face their wrongdoing and be brought to justice. However, he did note that often punishment is not the thing which changes them, rather the power of forgiveness from their victims.

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The royal went on to discuss the hope of the Easter message, which he said places importance on the values of forgiveness and reconciliation and encourages people to celebrate lightness surmounting darkness.

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