Brad Smith on 'Bachelor Canada' Episode 6: A Bachelor's insight into Lisa's illicit makeout session

To Tuscany we go! What is that you say? We’re staying at Casa Buitoni? I would usually, like most, cringe at the product placement, but let’s be honest – I eat about five Buitonis a week. So you can call it product placement, while I call it “The mansion that Bachelor Canada should be filmed at every year”…or, heaven!

The girls have been spoiled as far as trips are concerned. But am I the only one who’s thinking, ‘We really haven’t seen anything outside of making out yet?’ Besides AB (April Brockman), I’m staring at a one-horse race and I want to see a late charge from the other girls!

First up amid the beautiful Italian scenery is Trisha, who has opened up to Tim and he definitely seemed to respond to her, but I’m seeing and feeling a serious chemistry mismatch if my head is telling me AB is for Tim. Trisha seems to be her polar opposite. What’s that Brad? Eat my words? Which I did, as soon as Tim pulled out a gorgeous jewelry set to reassure Trisha that their match was more than physical: Trish makes him goofy! No, I’m not making fun of Tim. Being one step above buffoon myself, I get that he likes that there’s someone there to make him laugh!

As the girls find out that their three-on-one date will be with Kaylynn, AB, and Lisa, we’re informed that “last night something happened.”As we come to find out, Lisa made out with a guy at a bar in Italia off camera. Boom! Needless to say the other girls are livid, and even more so when Lisa wins one-on-one time with Tim – and she’d better come clean or the other girls will. Lisa stumbles somewhat through her date and as the night closes she confesses to Tim that while greeting the server with the standard Italian double kiss he decided to grab her and lay a smooch on her! This is clearly a half-truth or even a lie, based on the other girls’ frustration. So what say you, Sachelle?

Sachelle has the last one-on-one and in pure Bachelor fashion, decides to use her time to talk about someone other than herself on the date. Granted, this situation definitely deems it appropriate. Sachelle then insinuates that not only was Lisa lying, but it seems poor Rico Suavédidn’t stand a chance with my favourite redheaded makeout bandit! She kissed him, was pulled off, and then went back for seconds. Why was this not filmed?

The rose ceremony comes down to Kaylynn and Lisa going home. Easy choice, right? No no no, plot twist! Tim sends Kaylynn home and keeps Donna Martin 90210 makeout queen Lisa! Total shock.

Now for the real summation: what does this mean? Lisa made out with a guy off camera in front of the girls, lied about it to Tim, got caught in the lie, but didn’t get the boot. In terms of Tim’s rationale for keeping her, sadly I have no guesses. Most say it’s a double standard in this situation given Tim’s ability to make out with multiple women. Well his process may be what it is, but it’s still in the open in front of everyone and with the intention of finding love.

Now, Lisa clearly puts up a tough front but seems to genuinely like Tim. Off-camera time happens. Not often, but people have to eat and downtime is had in between dates! I’m going to blame this situation on the anxiety of travelling half way around the world, on a reality television show, trying to find someone to fall in love with, being heavily insecure for the first time because you’re one of five finalists, knowing that next week you’re bringing a stranger into you’re parents’ place, you’re in Italy, you had some fun at the bar with the girls, had one too many glasses of Italian wine and you made a mistake! I know that’s not the conclusion everyone was expecting me to come to, but no one knows better than me how much whole thing can be a mind mess! Lisa made a mistake but she’s clearly sorry and pained by it, so I’m on her side for being human – although I’m not on her side for trying to lie and get away with it.

But damn, she’s good TV!

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