Pisces forecast for Monday November 30, 2020

'Health and Safety' issues dictate what we can and can't do. These days, it's all we seem to hear about; things we used to do without question come with warnings and risk assessments. While this is appropriate in these strange times, it also creates a pervasive anxiety that isn't easy to deal with. If a deep-rooted fear has you doubting your abilities to make a decision, just remember that fear is more corrosive than failure. The Lunar Eclipse brings a boost of confidence. You can safely banish a worry today.

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November 29, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Finding positive news has been a tough ask recently. Whether it's the pandemic or politics, we've all been stretched to the limit. Meditation teachers know what to do in these circumstances: breathe in positivity, and breathe out negativity. So can we treat the whole world as if it's a body in need of some TLC? Yes! Start the ball rolling by being the change you want to see. If you focus on hope this week, you'll boost your personal situation... and start a ripple that could go round the world.

November 28, 2020

Your December Monthly Horoscope: The greatest mind-readers on the planet aren't able to tell what we're thinking unless we choose to send out clues. Secrets are safe until we decide to share them. Yet, deep within, we all yearn to lighten the inner burdens we carry. If you feel weighed down by information you've been given, this month brings an opportunity to share with someone you can trust. The Great Conjunction sheds new light on a tricky situation and enables you to say what you need to say... and move on.

November 27, 2020

The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band put it eloquently when they sang, 'No matter who you vote for, the government always gets in'. Although it's unlikely they were the first to make this observation, they captured a practical truth that has resonated across the decades. It's easy to doubt that a single voice in an ocean of noise can ever really make a difference. Yet, under the influence of Mercury and Pluto, if you speak up, this weekend, you'll see clear proof of just how much influence you have. A lot!

Celebrity Pisces

Daniel Craig 2 March 1968

November 26, 2020

There's an old proverb that says 'every weakness contains within itself a strength'. I'd add that we can't know how strong we are until we've known ourselves at our weakest. A recent development has left you feeling uncertain. You're not sure you can trust what you once trusted, or believe what you used to believe. With less courage in your convictions, how can you rely on your instincts? Yet even the best ideas are prone to the occasional doubt. You're about to see a sign that reconfirms your faith in yourself.

November 25, 2020

You'll find a full stop at the end of this sentence. Wow! I was right! Who knew it was that easy? I told you what to anticipate and, as soon as I'd finished, it materialised! Let's see if we can achieve something more substantial in a similar time frame. Recent events have left you anxious that something might not materialise. And, even more relevantly, you're worried about what will appear in its place. Yet your concerns have no base. As your ruler comes to a standstill, put your trust in your actual knowledge.

November 24, 2020

Whatever your feelings about religion or politics, beliefs and opinions are useful guides; they help us form the views which we use to negotiate our way around moral dilemmas. The clearer we are about why something's 'right', the less time we have to spend struggling over ethical decisions. As Mercury links to your ruler, Neptune, you find yourself questioning something that needs to be questioned. Rather than taking a guess at what someone's thinking, it's time to establish the facts.

November 23, 2020

When it comes to big decisions, it's always best to keep our feet on the ground. When too many daydreams and too much imagination filters into our thought processes, ideas might sound great but we tend to skip over the details, and things can go pear-shaped. Focus too much on the intricacies, on the other hand, and we lose our grasp on the bigger picture. It's a constant balancing act between the two. You're applying too much scrutiny whilst making an assumption. You can reconcile the two today.

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