Aquarius forecast for Thursday February 27, 2020

When we feel as if we don't know what we're doing, it's hard to work out what we need to do. Before we know it, the gap in our understanding widens so far that we find ourselves feeling even more uncertain. That's why 'eureka' moments are so exciting. Suddenly, from out of the blue, an idea pops into our heads and, in a moment of clarity, as we figure out how to solve one problem, it has a domino effect that ripples and produces a series of helpful insights. You're going to experience this today.

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February 26, 2020

A military commander would tell you that there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to defence, whilst a philosopher would say that attack is the best form of it. But that's only half the story. Sometimes, a flat refusal to engage in defensive behaviour is all that's needed to deflect an antagonistic situation. Frustration and hostility. These behaviours tend to melt away when met with kindness, respect and integrity. Opening a dialogue is all that's needed to resolve a current crisis.

February 25, 2020

If you want to know what everyone else is thinking, you can always conduct a simple opinion poll. Identify a fair sample of people to ask, and take care not to ask questions that will influence their answers. Ah, but you only need to know how one particular person is feeling. In that case, just conduct a questionnaire with their friends. Of course, you don't really need to do that! Yet, we're all swayed by other people's attitudes. Today, you can influence an opinion in a powerful way.

February 24, 2020

Very few people actually set out in the morning with the intention of running into trouble. In fact we'd do just about everything in our power to avoid it... which is sometimes the reason that we end up creating it! We're so busy trying to keep out of trouble's way that we fail to notice that we're heading straight into another kind. Aargh! That's why it can be helpful to just let go of all your worries about trouble. If you resolve to worry less about what might go wrong, everything can work out well.

Celebrity Aquarius

Princess Mary of Denmark 5 February 1972

February 23, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: It feels as if either you're going round in circles, or the rest of the world is circling around you. You're caught up in a situation that seems to be endlessly repeating itself. What's going on? How can you get out of this loop? Is there something you need to learn? Or is a key person in your life stuck in something which means that you're stuck in it too? Who's to blame? The solution will be found when someone (that's you) finds the fault and fixes it. By refusing to play the blame game, you're an outright winner.

February 22, 2020

Your Weekly Horoscope: People say that youth is wasted on the young. It's such a strange thing to say. It's certainly not said by young people; they wouldn't waste their time on such silliness! So it must be down to the older folk; whose view of the world must obviously be biased! So, is age wasted on the old? Maturity is valuable, and wisdom is precious. Reflecting on your present situation will take you far this week. Under the New Moon, if you put your intuition to good use, youthful enthusiasm will take you far.

February 21, 2020

Cares, concerns, worries, stresses, and strife. It's easy to be overwhelmed. Slowly, slowly, they take up more and more of our time until we feel almost consumed by everything we have to do. We find ourselves unable to switch off. What if, while you were relaxing this weekend, you took your eye off the ball? You need to let go of those anxieties. Under the Dark of the Moon, you'll find that a little fun, distraction and socialising brings a refreshing new approach this weekend. Enjoy!

February 20, 2020

Whenever we seek insight, something rather amazing happens. Whether we search in the physical or the spiritual realms, somehow, the sincerity of our desire to learn elevates us so that we're able to see the world and our lives from a different angle. That's when we can see that our lives have real meaning. As Jupiter and Neptune link today, you're able to understand something that has been baffling you. As you continue to seek the truth, the answer you need will appear.