Virgo forecast for Wednesday June 03, 2020

When faced with a true crisis, the cloud of panic lifts and an eerie calm descends. There's no time for prevarication and prognostics. Instead, the cogs keep turning, one foot is placed in front of the other and we keep moving forwards. It's only later, when things have more or less returned to 'normal' that the psychological effects begin to register. We reflect on what we've endured with shocked amazement. If you're feeling a little out of sorts, know that it's a result of what's past, not what's to come.

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June 02, 2020

Our modern world is filled with apps, attachments and audio-visual ways to communicate. We have almost anything we want to know at our fingertips. The use of algorithms means that selective information is given to people who want to receive it. Why then, haven't we transformed our foreheads into screens that indicate our moods and our moment-by-moment needs? Why do we still have to try to work out what people are really like? Your intuition is more accurate than any computer. Trust it!

June 01, 2020

This planet of ours is so huge that it's easy to feel insignificant; drowned out by the cacophony of voices, the hustling and bustling... as though we're a single blade of grass in a great meadow. How can we possibly expect to influence anything? No wonder it sometimes feels as if the cosmos has it in for us. Why else would everything seem so hard sometimes? Yet, if it seems as if the cosmos has singled you out for a hard time, the first belief can't be true! Trust! You're in a powerful position today.

May 31, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Even the most even-tempered Virgo gets hot under the collar when a question is met by an avalanche of 'ifs' 'buts' and 'maybes'. Your fondness for honesty and straight-talking is something of a defining characteristic and woe betide anyone who fails to deliver the truth. Right now you need an unambiguous response to a key question. The Lunar Eclipse indicates that as long as you make it clear just how important the answer is, the response is likely to be what you want to hear.

Celebrity Virgo

Beyoncé Knowles 4 September 1981

May 30, 2020

Your June Monthly Horoscope: Despite the fact that you've had some challenges to face, you've made progress recently. Although you're not completely out of the woods, with each step you take you're making your way towards a clearing which looks most inviting. Just remember, as the Solstice month begins, to enjoy and celebrate the people and the situations that inspire you. As you count your blessings, you'll experience more of them. Before long, you'll recuperate your energy and be more than ready to embrace a new adventure.

May 29, 2020

As Mercury, your ruler, settles into a new celestial home, a new you is beginning to emerge. Whereas the old version might have viewed the situation you find yourself in this weekend with a sense of nervousness, the new you is feeling emboldened. You're more than ready to take a risk and, what's more, you'll be pleased with what you achieve if you do. You're being offered a chance to feel rejuvenated and ready to embrace an opportunity that you might previously have turned down. Go for it.

May 28, 2020

First things first, you need to fill out a special form. But, before you can do that, you need to download it. You'll need access to a password before you can do that. And to get the password you'll need to fill out a form. Aargh! Are you caught in a seemingly futile cycle? Logic sometimes traps us in loops that leave us stuck until we can finally find the one almost-illogical component that helps us make sense of what's going on. As your ruler changes signs, don't be afraid to embrace the weird today.

May 27, 2020

Even someone who lives an impeccable life, would, if they were attached to a lie detector, register a signal that indicated they were not telling the complete truth. This is because every single person tells white lies sometimes... and no machine is infallible. You could test this by wiring the person who created the lie detector up to one of their devices and asking them whether they were completely reliable. Yet there's nothing to suggest you can't completely trust information you receive today.