Cancer forecast for Monday November 30, 2020

In the words of the Belinda Carlisle rock anthem, 'Ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? Ooh, heaven is a place on earth'. Today's Lunar Eclipse gives you a well-deserved boost. Despite the challenges you face, it offers you opportunities to appreciate the wonders of life here on our spinning ball of rock. As an uncomfortable situation shows signs of resolution, you can begin to see the path towards a more hopeful, comfortable experience. Here comes the sense of purpose and meaning you need.

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November 29, 2020

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: We've all had one of those moments when we leave a room full of people - only to return to discover that the conversation has moved on and we need to catch up. It can be bewildering! If we're not paying attention, it can happen with relationships and friendships too. They need nurturing and sustained effort. A delicate situation is in the balance, but you don't know all the facts. Although decisive action is called for, you need to spend time catching up on the details. Don't jump to a wrong conclusion.

November 28, 2020

Your December Monthly Horoscope: When sending something fragile through the post, the more robust the packaging needs to be. As a sensitive Cancerian, you understand this better than most. You're an expert at projecting an I-can-deal-with-anything exterior, which protects your soft-hearted centre. In fact you're so good at it, you sometimes fool yourself! This month's powerful Great Conjunction offers opportunities to form mutually helpful connections. First, though, you just have to allow yourself to be helped.

November 27, 2020

As we move towards the Lunar Eclipse, you'll notice a decrease in the amount of stress you're currently dealing with. This weekend brings the chance to take a deep breath and let go of some of the responsibilities you've been carrying. You're about to sense the depth of cosmic support that both enables you, and appreciates the effort you make to bring harmony into challenging situations and relationships. Your ability to bring calm, and to restore positive communications will be very effective.

Celebrity Cancer

Benedict Cumberbatch 19 July 1976

November 26, 2020

Recently, a friend of mine went through such an emotionally hard time that their self esteem was impacted and it affected their ability to make decisions. They spent hours, just trying to decide whether a particular shade of white paint would clash with their cream living room curtains. Their fear of conflict seeped into other, less important areas of their world. They were doing everything in their power to avoid a clash of interests. Luckily, whatever's worrying you today is far less significant than it seems.

November 25, 2020

It's becoming increasingly apparent that someone has learnt something you wish they hadn't. So, how are you going to proceed? Should you keep trying to obfuscate the truth? Or would it be simpler (and more honest) to accept that they know and acknowledge that your secret isn't so secret any more? That's almost certainly the best way to proceed. Yet, accepting that a truth is out in the world doesn't mean that we have to lay the rest of our soul bare too. Be candid, by all means, but remain diplomatic today.

November 24, 2020

When the icy winds of anxiety whistle through the trees and screech in our mind, and Jack Frost's icicle fingers prod at our skin, it's hardly surprising that our first instinct is to crawl under a blanket, cocooned by familiar people, opinions, and beliefs. The more conventional things are, the safer we imagine ourselves to be. Yet, what if that blanket, far from being insulating, functions as a weight that prevents new growth, experience and development? Don't be afraid to come out from under the covers today.

November 23, 2020

In these unprecedented times, it's the small things in life that make all the difference. A light, thoughtful touch can turn something banal into the surprisingly lovely. Something that's been previously overlooked can take pride of place. Of course, a sense of style can't make up for a lack of substance; yet it's not always as easy as we think to differentiate between the two. As the Sun settles into a new sector of the sky, enjoy the experience of feeling that you have almost everything you need. Relax today.

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