Vote for your favourite photo from the Canada Covid Portrait challenge this week!

Another week has passed, and we're into August, which means we've been living with the reality of COVID-19 for nearly five months.

As Canadians continue to social distance and wear masks in public, more photos have been submitted to the Canada Covid Portrait challenge. You can submit an image by using the hashtag #CanadaCovidPortrait on Instagram or by emailing Anyone can enter, whether they have photography experience or not. You just need a working phone.

We have nine new images that are part of our this week's poll, and we'd like to know which is your favourite! Here is some more information about them:

Jeff Harris's photo shows Mr. Apple Head, the "giant ambassador" to The Big Apple, a rest stop in Colborne, Ont., about 90 minutes east of Toronto.

Photo: © Jeff Harris

"In late July I did a double take as I drove by," Jeff said. "The apple was wearing what must be one of the biggest protective masks in the world! It drew a steady stream of people taking selfies in front of it, which I loved. COVID has thrown a dark shadow on society, but here was a business celebration the importance of wearing a mask, and putting a smile on people's faces at the same time."

Ashley Wadhwani's image shows herself wearing a mask featuring white daisies... while posing in front of some real-life daisies! She wanted to get the importance of wearing a mask across with her photo as well.

Photo: © Ashley Wadhwani

"As the country reopens businesses and public spaces and Canadians are given the green light to expand their pandemic bubble, the dance between safety and socializing is a fickle one," she said. "Wearing a mask is one way (in addition to frequently washing my hands, staying home when feeling sick and physically distancing) to not just keep myself safe from others, but keep fellow Canadians safe.

"Masks don't have to be medical-grade or scary. They can be beautiful and reusable and – just like clothing – be another way to share a bit of yourself with the world."

iHeart's photo shows a cutout of Bonnie Henry, British Columbia's Provincial Health Officer, on a beach at Vancouver's Stanley Park. iHeart created these special pieces of art to remind people to continue social distancing as they head outside to maximize their time in the sun.

Photo: © iHeart

Shawna Cohen's picture shows something she noticed while grocery shopping in Gravenhurst, Ont.: A staff member wearing a shirt that read, "Thank you for social distancing" on the back. "Stay safe and be kind" was written on the front.

Photo: © Shawna Cohen

"I feel like these T-shirts should be sold en masse!" she said. "Succinct and to the point."

Dave Nicholson's photo, taken in Saugeen Shores, Ont., shows his son Cody and grandson Colt on the first day of Phase 2 of reopening in that area. The family went out to celebrate!

Photo: © Dave Nicholson

"The beaches along Lake Huron opened for the first time after COVID restrictions were relieved," Dave said. "After several low tosses in the air, my grandson kept insisting to go higher... this is the highest of the day!"

Valeriy Kostyuk submitted an image taken by Vladimir Kevorkov that shows the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit in Toronto. The event has been designed with social distancing in mind, and features circles painted six feet apart on the floor through a walk-through, and a drive-by viewing in the place where the Toronto Star's printing presses were once housed. The exhibit opened July 1 and features 600,000 cubic feet of giant projections of Van Gogh's art.

Photo: © Vladimir Kevorkov

"Other cities have successfully encouraged social distancing by painting circles in parks and public spaces, so we thought, 'Why not project these circles within our venue so that this becomes part of the presentation?'" Corey Ross, the co-producer of the event from Lighthouse Immersive, said.

Matt Williams's photo was taken in Halifax and is part of his Faraway Nearby series, which documents how he's been staying in touch with his friends during these times. The picture shows Brendan, Tynan and Alex (L-R) hanging out on the many roofs that make up their house.

Photo: © Matt Williams

"[Faraway Nearby] was really about seeing my friends when the idea of doing so became confusing and strained," Matt said. "I'd drive around and visit them from the recommended two metre distance and make their portraits from at least that far away..."If you look close, you can see Tynan is brushing his teeth in this photo. Their house seems like a wicked place to be right now. Maybe sometime soon they can host a huge party y'all can go to."

Ting Zhang's photo shows him at the Royal Ontario Museum, where he's starting some research in Asian Art. He's the Director of Asian Art at Waddington's Auction house.

Photo: © Ting Zhang

"This pair of paintings depicts a Taoism concept and a procession of deities from high to low, and was originally located in a temple in Shangxi province," he said. "It is one of the only two existing examples of this topic in the world, and the only one outside of China."

Rick McGinnis's image shows Heather, Niyah, Isaya, Koa Béo and Mischa, his neighbours in Toronto's Earlscourt district, in June.

Photo: © Rick McGinnis

"[Torontonians] are polite people who don't like to intrude, and will politely discourage intrusion," he said. "And yet we've become familiar with everybody's regular habits, enthusiasms and preferences, mostly by simply observing our comings and goings, and those of our delivery people.

"I have, quite against lifelong habit, developed a real fondness and fellow-feeling for my neighbours, the result of living through what we were meant to understand was a lethal threat, in the comfort of our homes. We have bonded by experiencing what I can only understand now as a combination of a horror movie and a vacation."

So, which of these photos is your favourite? Let us know by voting in the poll below!

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