Take Five with… Sam Claflin: What Makes a Great Rom-Com

By: Erica Cupido

In Love, Rosie, Sam Claflin flirts with the idea of dating his lifelong friend (played by Lily Collins). Off-camera, the Hunger Games star, 28, has already got the girl.

Sam married actress Laura Haddock in 2013, and their first date sounds like something straight out of a Hollywood romance.


Sam and Laura look madly in love at the Hunger Games: Mockingjay premiere in Los Angeles

“After we’d been talking for months, I flew her to Los Angeles for our first date,” he tells Hello!. “I met her at the airport with a kiss and no words. I thought I’d just kill the awkwardness.”

With his new romantic comedy, Love, Rosie, hitting theatres this week (Feb. 6), the charming Brit schools us on the must-haves for an ideal date movie.

Being married now, I spend a lot of time away from home, and our characters’ long-distance friendship in Love, Rosie really spoke to me. As a viewer, you don’t understand why they haven’t given their relationship a try. I’m sure that everyone has had a friend that they cared about, and they wish they’d made a move. I think this movie is saying that you should give it a go. I think the distance always helps matters. When two objects are far apart, you want to force them together.

Hugh Grant is the epitome of a romantic lead to me. He’s a comedic genius. Colin Firth is equally fantastic, and I’m also a fan of Paul Rudd. My wife continually says that I remind her of him. I think we have a very similar sense of humour.

Lily Collins and I have lived parallel lives, although we hadn’t met until we were cast in Love, Rosie. We both did Snow White movies at the same time and both auditioned for a role in each other’s films. We have a lot of mutual friends. The fact is that once we did meet, there was no pretending involved. We got along very well, and she’s a great friend.

Sam and Love, Rosie costar Lily Collins at the Rome Film Festival

When I met my wife, I knew immediately [that I was interested]. I think that’s what people root for on screen. Though when people know each other too well, they’re scared to ruin what they have. I think you can tell when a couple’s got something, there’s a connection that’s deeper than friendship.

My favourite romantic comedies are Notting Hill and Love Actually. I love The Notebook, it’s not much of a comedy but definitely a romantic film. It still manages to bring a tear to my eye. I watched them prior to meeting my wife, though she’s definitely a fan as well. It’s nice to be able to sit down on a Sunday afternoon and watch a romantic comedy under a blanket together.

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